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A Call Less Ordinary by Rich Wilson

Embracing God’s calling is not easy, but it’s the most fulfilling thing you can do with your life.

Understanding God’s calling on our lives takes time, it can seem vague, often because we are looking in the wrong places. A Call Less Ordinary will awaken you to more of your calling and encourage you to take the next steps.

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About the book

A Call Less Ordinary describes what it looks and feels like to pursue God’s calling through life’s ups and downs.

It connects the dots of your everyday life, with all the challenges and frustrations, hopes and aspirations, and shows how God is both calling you and leading you in greater freedom and fulfilment. It provokes courage to stare down fears and enter boldly into the faith adventure that God’s calling demands. In refusing to sugarcoat some of life’s darkest days, Rich Wilson’s storytelling and writing illuminates how the call and grace of God reaches deeper into our lives than we often dare to embrace. It is practical and provocative in equal measure, leaving you energised and expectant for how God is working now and for your future.

“Raw, honest and compelling - a timely and necessary message well-lived and beautifully written for this generation.”

— Pete Greig

Rich Wilson

About the Author

Through the work of Fusion Rich has championed the role of local churches in student mission for over 25 years and is passionate about seeing students respond to the call of God for themselves.

Rich is married to Ness and they have pursued God’s calling together through over 20 years of marriage. Rich leads the Fusion movement and Ness leads the Pioneer movement of churches in the UK, together they serve in leading Open Heaven. Their calling has also been expressed through living in a community household for most of that time and raising their two daughters. The call of God has shaped it all and much of the unshared backstory to their journey is carefully and powerfully disclosed in A Call Less Ordinary.

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